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 Adversity Recruiting!

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Adversity Recruiting! Empty
PostSubject: Adversity Recruiting!   Adversity Recruiting! EmptyThu Apr 14, 2011 12:55 am

Adversity Recruiting! Mrad5h

Adversity is now recruiting!
Tired of the general guild that isn't talkative at all, doesn't help you, and doesn't go on boss runs?
Adversity is change!

Anyways, enough with the advertisement thing aha.

Adversity was created to be/do the following:
I. Talkative.
II. Friendly.
III. Active.
IV. Boss Runs.
V. Player Hosted Events.

II. No Ksing.
III. No Trolling.
IV. No Scamming.
V. No Spamming.
VI. No Harassing.
VII. No Impersonating.

I. Level 100+
II. Ability to speak and understand English well.
III. Active*
IV. An understanding of the game.

*Two times in a five day week, for a decent amount of time.

Master- Dior
Junior Master- ???
Third Rank- TearDrop

~Adversity causes some men to break; Others to break records~

**** Dior is active from about 3-11PM (GMT +6?) ****

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Adversity Recruiting!
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