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 Forum & In-Game Rules [Updated April 1st]

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Forum & In-Game Rules [Updated April 1st] Empty
PostSubject: Forum & In-Game Rules [Updated April 1st]   Forum & In-Game Rules [Updated April 1st] EmptyFri Apr 01, 2011 11:13 am

SoulMS Forum Rules

General Rules:
Forum members are allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.

Any person caught attempting to deny service too, harm, or otherwise impact the normal function of the SoulMS forums will be banned on site.

There is zero tolerance policy for racism in this community. It is totally unacceptable to use any racist or stereotypical words to other members. This rule applies to both on the forums and during game-play. Depending on the severity, the punishment can result in a permanent ban from both forums and the game. Changing the spelling of a word will not change the meaning of it and will not be accepted. Remember to respect ALL members and players.

Personal Attacks, rudeness, insulting posts, or inflammatory remarks will not be tolerated.

Spam of any kind is not allowed. Example: Useless or repeated posts, advertisements, and thoughtless/meaningless material are considered spam. This includes the main forum, private messages, visitor messages, blog posts/comments, and forum email.

Advertisements of any kind are not allowed. Any posts, private messages, visitor messages, blog posts/comments, or forum e-mail that is attempting to advertise or solicit any products, services, funds or donations is strictly prohibited. Explicit advertising and solicitation in signatures is also prohibited.

Discussion of illegal activities such as software and media piracy and other intellectual property violations is not allowed.

Posts discussing the actions of various SoulMS staff members are not allowed. Such material should be directed through the appropriate rG channels (typically a PM to an Administrator).

All posts should be directed to their relevant section. E.G. Posts discussing technology belong in the Tech Tips section.

Sexual and explicit materials are not allowed in the general forum sections. This includes images/videos, links to images/videos, stories, etc.

Posts containing illegal pornographic material or links to illegal pornographic material are not allowed. This includes Child Porn, Rape, etc.
SoulMS In-Game rules.

If you break these rules you risk yourself getting banned, jailed, and/or muted.


1. Do not hack - this means no damage hacks, no fly hacks, no godmode, no vac hacks.
Hacking will not be tolerated, if you hack you will be banned.

2. Do not spam the chat - This is really annoying and no one likes dealing with it. If you need help ask once or twice, if you don't get a response that doesn't mean you should say "HELP PLZ!!1!1!!!!" 50 times. If you need to level your pet, spam in party chat.

3. Do not harass players - Most players are young teens, and they don't need to deal with your harassing, nor do they want to. It's rude and you will be jailed or muted if you do it. If you continue to after we have jailed/muted you, you will be temp banned.

4. Do not constantly ask GMs to host events - GMs don't constantly want to do events. 1-2 events every few hours is acceptable. It's the GMs choice to host an event, if you spam them asking they may get annoyed and just ignore you, and your request.

5. Do not be rude to GMs, at any time - The GMs can easily ban you if you get on their nerves. If you're rude to them you may just get on their last nerve. Then you're stuck hoping your ban appeal will be accepted.

6. Do not, under any circumstances, advertise other private servers - Advertising will result in a permanent ban. It will not be tolerated in any way. Don't ask for a ban appeal, it won't be accepted.

Both sets of rules applying generally.

These rules are subject to change without notice.
Updated as of April 1st/2011
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Forum & In-Game Rules [Updated April 1st]
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