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 oHai There :)

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PostSubject: oHai There :)    Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:25 pm

Wassap Everyone!

My name is xILEGIT or my IGN xLEGiT or my real name Joris Smile

I'm 15 years old and this is my 1st time playing Maplestory again in 2Years!

The reason being:

2years before now i was pretty much almost playing Maplestory everyday i loved it.
1st i played regular MS but then i started playing Private Servers and i really liked it!

i played 1 particular private server for like 4months and the community on that server was so nice and i liked the game so much!

But there's always 1 thing that puts you away from that thing and that's the real life.
on school i wasn't doing so great back then and i needed to pick it up.
eventually i started to find maplestory a bit boring and repetitive everytime i played it.
and not much later i stopped playing it completely i deleted every file i had from Maplestory on my harddrive.
and started to dedicate my attention to making it to the next year on school.

2years passed by and i never really thaught about Maplestory again until like 3 days ago.

i was very bored and had nothing to do, and i thaught about maplestory again.
but till today i wasn't going to do anything with it.

but now i decided to start playing a private server again but i wont do it like the other times. like playing very VERY much i'm just gonna play it reguarly and see whats gonna come out of it!

i hope it's gonna be alot of fun!!!

Add me if you want IGN: xLEGiT


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PostSubject: Re: oHai There :)    Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:15 am

Welcome to the community. I too have stopped playing GMS for quite a while because I had a life. Had. Nvm, I still got it Very Happy that's why I'm playing this.

Look out for PunisherX, he's a noob and he will beg you for stuff.
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oHai There :)
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