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 i just dont get how to start the game...

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PostSubject: i just dont get how to start the game...   Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:46 am

okay so i downloaded ver 0.88 and the game client (wich came only with soulms.exe. and hsupdate.exe, no downgrader or soulmsfix). after i dowloaded it i installed ver 0.88 put the client in it the SHUpdate in the HS folder but the game didnt work...than ive seen thise but when ive tried to use it i noticed that i dont have anything in c-nexon and that i dont have soulms can anyone tell me how should i set the game so it will work? plz i really want to play it...
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PostSubject: Re: i just dont get how to start the game...   Sat Dec 04, 2010 4:20 pm

Thats basically all you need
Okay first off, download THIS
There should be 2 things in there: SoulMS.exe and HSUpdate.
What you do is put the SoulMS.exe into your maplestory folder where your maplestory.exe is
Then you put the HSUpdate into your HShield folder in your Maplestory folder and replace the one already existing in there.
After that, you should open SoulMS.exe, type in your ID and PW then click settings go into your v88 folder and select maplestory.exe (NOT SoulMS.exe)
Then check off 'Launch Maplestory automatically' and save changes.
Then click login and it should open up a browser (
Then just [x] it out and [x] out the popup that also says "Download HSUpdate.exe & extract it in your GMSv88 folder."
Now, the launcher should pop up.
Click Game Start and hopefully HShield will run and you'll be able to log on.
Hope this helped Razz
Good luck~
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i just dont get how to start the game...
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