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 [Tips&Tricks]Bossing as a Bowmaster

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PostSubject: [Tips&Tricks]Bossing as a Bowmaster   Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:30 pm

Bowmasters have the following aspects...
1. SE, nuff said
2. Can't jump + hurricane in mid-air (arrows won't come out)
3. Less maneuverability than NLs
4. Hurricane's interrupted when you're hit (and have to waste 1.5 seconds to start another round)
5. Low HP (fail)
6. Hurricane drains lots of MP
7. Hurricane's firing rate = 8.33 arrows/seconds (win)
8. Perfect bosser if wearing the right equips (still can't push BF)

Now for the Tips:

1. Basic dodges

When the boss is attacking you with it's magic attack (e.g. HH's head toss), quickly step back from the red zone to the green zone and start another round of fire. (There's usually an animation before the attack actually damages you so use that time)
This helps when:
1. You don't want to waste pots
2. Your damage is not high enough to knock it back
3. Boss's attack can 1HKO you
**NOTE: this works on most bosses such as HH, Anego, Manon, Griffey etc.

2. Puppet HH trick

When you're doing this, make sure that HH's attention is on the puppet and not you.
This helps when:
1. You're still using Strafe
2. Can't knock it back
**NOTE: only works in crossroad maps

3. Papulatus
This is actually common sense but I'mma write this anyways Razz
When pap summons high/low stars, use fire shot or arrow rain to kill them.

4. Invincibility (Temp.)

Aah... easy to learn but hard to master, this trick can help you escape if your back is against the wall. Get hit by low-level monsters(or traps) and become invincible then walk pass the boss. The higher your speed is, the easier for you to pull this off.
This helps when:
1. You're doing my 1st trick and there's no where to go
**NOTE: No monsters, no traps, doesn't work!

5. Bigfoot
5.1 With a party
- BF's attention on the tank (DK, DB, Hero) while you're on the other side shooting it's back (arrows hit 100% of the time)
- Rusher rushes BF against the wall. You shoot it till it diez.
5.2 Solo
- See 4. Invincibility
- Knock Back of faggotry - (NOTE: if your speed is too low, this will be hard to pull off) Hurricane 2-3 arrows, walk back, turn around, repeat till theres no where to go, use Invincibility trick. This takes forever to kill BF if your damage is low.

6. Scarlion
When it cancels wep att. just walk to the other side of the map and walk back. The Scar had to be pinned though.
This helps when:
1. You do not want to waste time/pots waiting for the buff to disappear.

1. Increase your speed, it'll help you move faster.
2. HP Washing
3. Buy at least one 4 att arrows, it does help increase your attack even though you're using Soul Arrow.

**WILL ADD MOAR LATER** (might add a short vid for the first trick cuz i didn't really explain it clearly)
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PostSubject: Re: [Tips&Tricks]Bossing as a Bowmaster   Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:00 pm

the puppet thing on the upper platform is utter genius, i wonder if u can do the same thing with the db skill involving a puppet with shadow partner...

nice guide-type-thing Smile
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PostSubject: Re: [Tips&Tricks]Bossing as a Bowmaster   Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:39 pm

Great guide, I'll definitely use it if I can ever get on the server.
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PostSubject: Re: [Tips&Tricks]Bossing as a Bowmaster   

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[Tips&Tricks]Bossing as a Bowmaster
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