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 Finally deciding to make one of these? Oh yes.

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PostSubject: Finally deciding to make one of these? Oh yes.   Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:29 am

Well hello there howamazing

Some of you may have seen my in the game or on the forums. If not get some glasses, stop being... blind, or pay attention ;3.

Now then to the introduction thingy. Let's start of with my real name... I am a man/boy of many names. Some call me Toni, others Tony, and other Anthony. I could honestly care less if you called me Hillary. Now you are probably wondering why I chose the name Ying... I ask myself this every few hours and still come up with the same answer. Why Not? Now for anyone who has not yet figured it out, I am NOT asian.. I am of course a guido (italian/pasta people). So if you come up to me in game and say something like "Ying! gạo của tôi là lạnh! Hãy cho tôi nhiều hơn nữa!" I will simply turn away and laugh to myself while going to a translator trying to find out if you insulted me.

I started playing maplestory servers a few years ago, starting with v55 servers. As soon as v62 came out I flipped out thinking "Oh my god! Free NX, so amazing!" A few years later I finally found out the joy of girls and friends, and left maplestory for some time. Then one day I realized that I can balance the two and still play some odd little game. So I came back to find a new v75 with amazing new items and crap.

Now when I am not playing video games, trying to hit on girls way out of my league, or hanging around with my friends.. I run. Yes that's right, I run. I participate in a little sport called "cross country". For those of you who do not know what this is, here is a basic rundown of the sport. In any single race, 40+ boys line up on a starting line in tank tops and short shorts. They stand there beginning to sweat until the race official tells us to get ready, waits 2 seconds and then fires a gun. It is now that all 50+ boys begin a full out sprint toward the opening of a dirt trail big enough for 2 people side by side. Now at this point just picture this, the starting line is about 10 people wide and at a minimum 5 rows back. Within 100 meters of starting they expect all 50+ people to somehow funnel into a single file line while still trying to get in front of everyone else without falling and being trampled while doing so. Once you are done with this, the easy part is over. Now the guys get to run around on hills, ditches, and uneven dirt/gravel paths for about 3 miles in 90+ degree weather here in California. After 2.9 miles of constant running, you reach the spot where they expect you to run even faster so that everyone around you does not pass you right before the finish line. So for the last 15 - 30 seconds of the race you are running full sprint, head back, screaming while 4-10 other guys around you are trying to pass you. Sounds like an amazing time eh?

Now that I am done raging about that, I do believe that my introduction here is done. To summarize it all up...
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PostSubject: Re: Finally deciding to make one of these? Oh yes.   Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:54 am

Tony Bologna~
Eeyyyy you're in Classy :3
So true about the whole NX shiet... that's what drew my attention when I first joined PS's.

Welcome to the forums <3
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Finally deciding to make one of these? Oh yes.
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