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 Player Game

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PostSubject: Player Game   Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:48 am

Do them all at once!(All 21 in 1 post)

1. Most famous/well-known:
2. Fastest leveling:
3. Funniest:
4. Nicest:
5. Meanest:
6. Most annoying:
7. Coolest:
8. Most Loved:
9. Biggest Attention Whore:
10. Biggest Ego:
11. Whiniest:
12. Most Intelligent:
13. Most Talented/Skilled:
14. Most Honest:
15. Most Influential:
16. Best looking male:
17. Best looking female:
18. Happiest:
19. Most Angry:
20. Flirtiest:
21. Favorite:

Just put the names of the players you find to fit each one! You can use someones name twice, but don't just use them : P Mix it up a little bit ~

Have fun =D


1. Most famous/well-known: Me
2. Fastest leveling: Well I guess I'd say Payton..but since he donated so much it kinda wasn't fair =[
3. Funniest: Me (idk anyone else who's really that funny...sry )= )
4. Nicest: I don't tend to relate to nice people too often, but I guess Krissy's a real sweetheart. =3
5. Meanest: Me. I mean honestly no ones meaner.
6. Most annoying: It WAS PuffyWetFart before...but now he's gone. So I guess DbMe was in 2nd place? =[
7. Coolest: Ceee is pretty k00l
8. Most Loved: Me(nah im prob most hated ;-Wink I'd assume Krissy.
9. Biggest Attention Whore: Well I haven't seen any major cleavage chicks yet, so idk ;o
10. Biggest Ego: Soul has an abnormally large ego for no reason. =[
11. Whiniest: xLazziee or w.e. Kid whines for events 24/7
12. Most Intelligent: Legion.
13. Most Talented/Skilled: Bahamut (Pro singer)
14. Most Honest: Kristine's hella honest and trustworthy ♥️
15. Most Influential: I'd say me, but I almost hope not or the world is doomed ;o
16. Best looking male: HMMMMMMM. . . -stalk- I saw Bahamuts facebook pic-ithinkitwashim- and he looked cute? I think? D;
17. Best looking female: Kristine's a hawtie
18. Happiest: (: HMMM Vocaloid always tends to be in good spirits.
19. Most Angry: Me. Or James, so angry ):
20. Flirtiest: Eh? I don't see too many "LF>GF/BF" idk, no one yet I guess ;o
21. Favorite: Ceee, Kristine, and XtremeBeast are mah favs ♥️
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PostSubject: Re: Player Game   Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:53 am

I always enjoyed those kinds of thread, new here though, lets hope I stick around long enough to make my own list (:
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PostSubject: Re: Player Game   Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:15 am

Ehhh I'll edit this later.. it's 5 AM, pretty much wrote whoever popped up first (:

1. Most famous/well-known: Soul.... Soul ms... LOL
2. Fastest leveling: -Insert whoever got to level 200 first-
3. Funniest: Anna LOL ily
4. Nicest: Andrea (Objection), Nick (FlameAble) and Payton are dolls (:
5. Meanest: Anna and I duh Trollololl
6. Most annoying: -Insert the dumb fcks that have QQed to me-
7. Coolest: Steven (Dank) are pretty boss
8. Most Loved: Me (; <3 I'm a ray of sunshine..
9. Biggest Attention Whore: Hm. DbMe fa sho.
10. Biggest Ego: Luck. LOL I don't even know your name :'(
11. Whiniest: QQers. Nuff said (:
12. Most Intelligent: Dameion (Legion)
13. Most Talented/Skilled: Ariel (Soul) o:
14. Most Honest: Jang (Mochi) is lovely.
15. Most Influential: Ugh... except for me... no one. LOL
16. Best looking male: Nick (Nickster) I guess.
17. Best looking female: Anna is Fierce.
18. Happiest: Chris (Rocketeer) is always up beat!
19. Most Angry: Me... I rage a lot to Anna, yall have no idea o;
20. Flirtiest: Denise ;D ooo gurll
21. Favorite(s): Anna boo, Ariel (Soul), Denise (FreeHugs), Steven (Dank) and Dameion (Legion)
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PostSubject: Re: Player Game   Sun Dec 05, 2010 8:57 pm

Since the servers more popular now. . .

1. Most famous/well-known: Obv. If not me...any of the other GMs Razz
2. Fastest leveling: Who hit 200 first without donating? Was it Nagato? /forgets
3. Funniest: Annasbish/BlowMyPole/Marlboro
4. Nicest: Kristine's so sweet <3_<3
5. Meanest: Annasbish/Blowmypole/Marlboro
6. Most annoying: The people who ask me where to train at level 10.
7. Coolest: Oh lawdie ehmmmmmmmm Ceee's pretty dayum cool.
8. Most Loved: Not me ): Kristine, I'd say. (=
9. Biggest Attention Whore: Those 2 lesbians who were smega'ing that they were lesbians. Attention whores.
10. Biggest Ego: Annasbish.
11. Whiniest: The people below 16 who get denied and raged. (:
12. Most Intelligent: XtremeBeast. (:
13. Most Talented/Skilled: Savior omghissinging/guitar<3_<3
14. Most Honest: I'm damn honest with errrbody
15. Most Influential: I'd say me, I see lots of kids starting to use the words I use =3
16. Best looking male: Nicksterr ;]
17. Best looking female: Kristine <3
18. Happiest: Happy (:
19. Most Angry: Anna (:
20. Flirtiest: I'm flirty with hot guys ~ but otherwiseeeeeee Those lesbians, again.
21. Favorite: I shall pick one of each gender. F- Kristine M- Annasbish. (:
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PostSubject: Re: Player Game   

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Player Game
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