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 April 1st Update

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PostSubject: April 1st Update   Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:41 pm

Starting from now, I decided from time to time where this a big enough update, I shall update it here. There have big changes recently.
I've moved around the forums a bit, just to so everything fits accordingly. I split some sections here and there. I don't think it'd be that hard to adapt to.

In-Game Update
- Required level to fame or defame, is now 50.
- Corsairs/Gunslingers' skill Speed Infusion now removed (Corsairs are not meant to have Speed Infusion).
- Horntail now works, but still prone to crashing, needs testing, raid at your discretion.
- Bacardi & Vochkov have resigned their GM positions.
- Stoven has been fired, reasons will not be provided.

Forum Update
Updates :
- Updated SoulMS Staff Information
- Updated SoulMS In-game & Forum Rules
- Updated Game Master Application Template
- Updated Ban Appeal Template
- Updated Donation Template

New :
- Added a Writer's Block forum under entertainment.
- Added a Abuse Report under Justice Department
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April 1st Update
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