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 [Finished] Level 200 Contest!

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PostSubject: [Finished] Level 200 Contest!   Sun Mar 20, 2011 12:07 pm

NOTE: Because it's myself, and not an owner/co-owner coordinating this, prizes are subject to change at their discretion. I'm also lame at picking prizes, so if you think something else would work better, do speak up.

So guys, we've had a wipe. Fresh start, chance to reinvent things and leave anything in the past behind... but yeah, it probably sucks bigtime to have to start over with lame equips and being super poor. Fear not, kiddos. I'm here to motivate you to hit the almighty milestone of MapleStory that is level 200.


The first handful of level 200s will receive the following.

First Level 200
25 Soul Points
50k NX
Timeless Pendant
TWO Items of Choice*

Second Level 200
20 Soul Points
40k NX
Timeless Pendant
One Item of Choice*

Third Level 200

15 Soul Points
30k NX
Timeless Pendant
One Item of Choice*

The general awards for level 200 have all been TAKEN. Grats to the winners!

Before people complain about certain jobs leveling faster than others, yes, I've already thought that out. There will also be prizes for the first to hit 200 of the following categories:

Thieves, Pirates, Warriors, Mages,Bowmen, Arans, Evans, and Dual Blades

The first to hit 200 in these categories will receive 20 SP, 20k NX and an item they want. Oh, and yes, you can with both this and the general prizes simultaneously.

* - The item of choice has some limitations. I'm not allowed to give you donor items, scrolled items, GM equipment, max stat items, etc. What I'll be able to give you is rare NX and equipment usually unattainable in-game. You can get a timeless pendant as your item of choice, but those who are already getting the timeless pendant anyway just have one more item you can grab. :3

I will NOT be facilitating any transfers. If you want your items on another character, tell me beforehand.

Current Standings!
Winners - PM me your IOC requests asap, thanksss.
1. Emily - 1st Level 200 + 1st Mage
2. Teddie - 2nd Level 200 + 1st Thief
3. xTayun - 3rd Level 200 + 1st Dual Blade - NOT AWARDED YET

Preeeeeeeetty sure the server has its winners, but seeing as how I'm done, you might wanna talk to another GM about this. e_o;[i]
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[Finished] Level 200 Contest!
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