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 [FIX] SoulMS has stopped working

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PostSubject: [FIX] SoulMS has stopped working   Sat Mar 19, 2011 5:50 pm

Hey guys,

For those of you that are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you may experience this once opening SoulMS.exe.

The reason this occurs is because the client is coded in .Net 3.5, and our more recent Operating Systems run on .Net 4.0.
This makes them naturally incompatible. Sometimes they just won't work together.

Now, I have attached a file called SoulMS.exe.config.
What this will do is, instead of having to revert your computer to a different .net every time you want to run soul, this file will force the client to run in .net 3.5.

(Though the computer tries to run it in .Net 4.0)

Now, there are two options here.

A) For those of you who want to fix this As soon as possible


- Firstly, Download this file:
[url=]Click Here to Download.[/url]

1) Save the File, and place it in your MapleStory folder.
2) It should now appear next to the official SoulMS file, notice they are two different files.
3) If you have re-named your SoulMS, please rename the file to '[name].exe' Make sure the file attribute is *.config though.

For example I renamed my official SoulMS client to BestGameEver.exe, I would have to rename my config file to 'BestGameEver.exe'

4) Run SoulMS. Have fun Playing!

B) For those of you who are worried it's a Virus

1) Open your MapleStory Folder
2) Right Click > Create new File > New text Document.
3) Paste inside the text document this code:

    <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" />
4) File > Save as > all files > 'SoulMS.exe.config'
    It should now clearly be a config file.
5) Run SoulMS and have fun playing!

That's it guys.
I hope i've helped the few people, like myself, that do get this Error.


Note: I've been using this 'Force' Method for a while, I'm yet to notice any glitches occurring because of it.
Also Note: Not everyone on windows 7 / vista gets this Error!
- we are the first v88 to have someone share a fix to this. <3
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[FIX] SoulMS has stopped working
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