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 CypeCMS Installation Step 3, help?

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CypeCMS Installation Step 3, help? Empty
PostSubject: CypeCMS Installation Step 3, help?   CypeCMS Installation Step 3, help? EmptyMon Jan 24, 2011 2:11 am

Yeah I know this is kind of random but that is why I put it in General Discussion. I'm trying to make a Cype page and I'm not the best at it I must admit, anyways i've run into some wording I really don't understand.

It tells me "CypeCMS Installation
SQL execution
Now, go to /sql/ and execute all the sql files you see in the folder. "

What exactly does it mean by execute these files? I'd really appreciate if someone experienced dumbed it down for me. Thanks! cheers
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CypeCMS Installation Step 3, help?
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